Duck as Justice

A one-time, rising athlete and popular guy, Duck’s life has taken a drastic turn for the worse. Recently released from prison, Duck is jobless and homeless.  He is temporarily buoyed by a re-connection with Caleb, an old football teammate, and by the companionship of Goose. However, Duck is soon faced with the fact that his life is still on hold, and nothing is changing. The painful realization that he has deviated so far from the promising path that was once before him leads him to drastically change the choices he makes in hopes of setting his life right. As Justice, Duck comes to terms with the idea that one’s life is shaped by one’s choices, that there is a balance between the quality of one’s actions and the quality of one’s life.

Portrayed by Patrick Prentiss

Patrick Prentiss is an actor with over ten years experience and has appeared in fifteen independent films as well as television including The Bold and the Beautiful. Although better known for his dramatic acting, Patrick has also taken on comedic roles. When not on a project, he works with athletes in strength and conditioning. Patrick has lived, worked and studied acting in Los Angeles for several years.

Character Teaser

Artwork by John Lee

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