Ernie the Hanged Man

Ernie is a long-time veteran Detective for Memphis Narcotics. He has seen partners and even captains come and go. As a cop, he has served the city of Memphis, but in the process has sacrificed everything that once held meaning for him. His family life is non-existent and his police work no longer gives him any satisfaction. Now partnered with Rachael, Ernie finds himself in an awkward position of being dragged along her ambitious course while trying to maintain a status quo. As the Hanged Man, Ernie is helpless in his situation, both at home and at work. At this point in his life, he accepts the events that happen to him, good or bad, almost without distinguishing between them.

Portrayed by Dennis Phillippi

Dennis Phillippi has appeared in a number of feature films, including Craig Brewer’s Poor & Hungry as well as a cameo in Hustle & Flow. Most of his career has been spent doing stand-up comedy and talk radio. Dennis was raised in a vagabond, circus family, and he can still walk a tightrope while juggling chairs if called upon to do so.

Character Teaser

Artwork by Jonathan Liss and Kristen Anderson

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