Goose the Tower

Goose has lived her life in the shadow of her successful parents and siblings. Rather than work towards anything worthwhile, Goose creates a false reality for the outside world in which she is living a worthwhile life. To mask her reality and continue her general apathy for life, she spends her time with other wayward people abusing substances to get by. As the Tower, Goose has created a world for herself that protects her from the real world, however the higher the tower gets the more likely it is to fall and destroy the fantasy.

Portrayed by Mary Claire Smythe

Mary Claire Smythe is a writer/performer living and sometimes working in Memphis, Tennessee. When not working on set, she is writing and performing stand up comedy around the tri-state area. She has studied with Second City and The Groundlings in Los Angeles, in addition to drama school.

Character Teaser

Artwork by Joseph Velasquez

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