Natalie the Sun

Natalie has been Will’s companion in love and business for many years. As the partner of an ambitious man and mother of his son, she bears the responsibility of being the foundation of Will’s emotional and business life. Her brash, cold exterior speaks to her tumultuous upbringing and her life in the drug world. However, not far beneath the surface is caretaker concerned with healing herself and others. As the Sun, Natalie is the maternal figure and emotional touchstone for those around her. Furthermore, as her father approaches death, her son grows, and Will’s success rises, she is also is at the center of the cycles of life.

Portrayed by Allison Sommers Kelly

Allison Sommers Kelly has a primary goal of learning the ropes of stand-up comedy. Her comedy consists of deranged karaoke and self-deprecating humor. She also has been working on a book of short stories about her insane life called Mental Notes.

Character Teaser

Artwork by Justin Wheeler

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