Rachael the Magician

Rachael is a young and ambitious rookie Detective in the Memphis Narcotics unit. Her ambitions are surpassed only by her uncanny ability to make connections and see many moves ahead in the game. Her fast rise, coupled with her insistence on taking control, make her roundly disliked by her partner and department. Despite the reluctance of her department, Rachael makes bath salts her top and only priority. As the Magician, Rachael is so adept at seeing connections and knowing how events will transpire, that she almost appears to be able to shift the events themselves to fit her predictions.

Portrayed by Shannon Walton

Shannon Walton was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. She is currently an acting major at Southeast Missouri State University. Although Headshop is her first major production, she has been working in the industry for four years and has been involved in numerous stage productions.

Character Teaser

Artwork by Watie White

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