Official Movie Poster

Official Movie Poster

By C. Michael Andrews

C. Michael Andrews is a visual artist living and working in Memphis, Tennessee. In addition to working on set, he contributes to the process of film making through vendor work as a graphic designer, screen printer, prop builder and sign maker. With Alice Laskey-Castle, he has co-owned and operated a visual art venue in Memphis known as VINI or Five in One since 2008.

Caleb the Devil

By Jon Langford

Jon Langford’s multi-layered paintings take imagery from old country music publicity photos and sheet music and envelope them in a haze of ironic nostalgia. A respected visual artist, he is best known for his striking portraits of country music icons including Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and Elvis Presley. He describes his painting technique thusly: “Long process of layering, scraping, minute attention to detail. Basically, I create a very unstable surface with acrylics and pastel on top of each other and work on top of that with Sharpies, felt pens, white out, gunk, snot and whatever comes to hand.”

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Hallie as Death

By Derrick Dent

Derrick Dent is a Memphis based artist and illustrator. He graduated from Memphis College of Art, studying drawing and illustration and has been working as a freelancer since. He is also a member of Rozelle Artists Guild and one of the creators of Project Sketchbook. 

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Sarah the Star

By John DeGrace

John DeGrace is a multi-media artist from the suburbs of Chicago, where he lives with his family. He studied at the American Academy of Art in Chicago with a degree in Painting. Portraits have consistently been his main subject matter, with the medium changing depending on the piece. Certain pieces lend themselves to chalk pastel, some to a black pencil, some to watercolor. The challenge is finding the soul of the person and bringing that person to life on a piece of paper.

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Rachael the Magician

By Watie White

Watie White is painter and printmaker. He channels his insatiable curiosity about people, their motives and experiences to connect one artistic medium to the other, and connect his prolific work to communities. His specific interest in public art makes abandoned spaces – condemned homes, crumbling walls and boarded up storefronts – Watie’s favorite canvases. In his full-time studio practice based in Omaha, Nebraska, Watie embodies the qualities of an altruistic advocate, a cantankerous community builder and an eager storyteller.

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Goose the Tower

By Joseph Velasquez

Joseph Velasquez has been trained as a traditional printmaker and is a prolofic wood carvework. His work derives from being a Chicano raised in both Austin,Texas and Los Angeles, California. The range of traditional Chicano graphic imagery such as Day of the Dead alter pieces, retablos, graffiti, gang tattoos and public murals are all influences in his work. Much of his work is centered on Chicano Machismo and that of the Patriarch and juxtaposes tradition with popular culture to depict culture clash.

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Duck as Justice

By John Lee

John Lee is a freelance illustrator living in Memphis, TN. He received his BFA in Printmaking and Creative Writing from the Kansas City Art Institute and is currently an illustration instructor at the Memphis College of Art. He’s worked in a variety of markets including: storyboarding, advertising, editorial, book, and web illustration.

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Will the Emperor

By Scott Bullock

Scott Bullock grew up in rural South Carolina. He spent a lot of that time inventing narratives and bringing them to life by drawing them. As a young artist, he came to Chicago to study. There he developed a fascination for alleys and their hidden stories. This was the genesis of the “Contour Series” and other works. This series explores the soul as a process rather than a being by creating the figure out of elements, each representing a life-altering event that makes the person who they are.

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Ernie the Hanged Man

By Jonathan Liss and Kristen Anderson

Kristen Anderson and Jonathan Liss are artists living in Evanston, Illinois. Kristen earned a BFA in Painting at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago and works as a freelance artist and designer. She is also a reseller of vintage and designer objects and couture. Jonathan Liss earned a BFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design and works as a freelance creative director and web developer.

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Natalie the Sun

By Justin Wheeler

Justin Wheeler is a illustrator and graphic designer working out of Austin, TX. He received his B.F.A. in Design Arts with a Minor in Art History from the Memphis College of Art. He has worked with a variety of projects in the areas of advertising, editorial, album art, and web illustration.

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