The Meth Lab Set

During the first half of the Century The Tennessee Brewery was one of the largest breweries in the South. Although it has been empty for many decades, the building stands basically unchanged since it was erected in 1890. The interior offers an impressive amount of varied spaces. Our Art Department was able to convert one of the main rooms into our meth lab set.

The Lounge Set

Mollie Fontaine Lounge is a local favorite piano bar and lounge. Set in a 19th Century Victorian mansion and beautifully decorated, Mollie Fontaines was the perfect setting for our lounge scene. Although the small, intimate rooms of Victorian architecture were a challenge to shoot in, our DP and crew got us a beautiful scene.

The Club Set

Although it is a privately owned space, The Warehouse is impressive and rivals most small, public music venues. Many in the Memphis art scene are familiar with The Warehouse, whose owners have opened their space to the public for numerous cultural events. The Warehouse was an ideal location for our club scene.

The Detective Unit Set

Our Detective Unit set was built-out in an un-used office space. The owners’ of the 1830 Union building allowed us to use an entire floor, which included a reception area, offices, cubicles and conference rooms. With a lot of hard work, our art department was able to convert the empty space into our Detectives’ Unit and interrogation room.

The Diner Set

The Arcade, founded in 1919 by Greek immigrant Speros Zepatos, is Memphis’ oldest restaurant. Still run by the warm and friendly Zepatos family, the Arcade is one of the most filmed locations in Memphis. It can be seen on numerous movies including Jim Jarmusch’s “Night on Earth,” and is a must stop for anyone visiting Memphis. The Arcade’s colorful 1950s interior design made it a perfect set for our detectives’ “regular” diner.

The Coffee Shop Set

Located in Memphis’ artist-centric Midtown neighborhood, Otherlands Café, with its funky and comfy décor, tastey food and beverages, is a welcome change from the ubiquitous Starbucks. It also regularly serves as a venue for live music and other art events. Otherlands was ideal as a handout spot for our young Headshop employees.

The Book Store Set

Located in the Cooper-Young neighborhood, Burke’s Books, founded in 1875 is one of the country’s oldest independent bookstores. Run for several generations by the Burke family, it is now owned and run by husband and wife Corey and Cheryl Mesler who met while employees at Burke’s. The shop is a fantastic place to shop for rare and used books. The wonderfully tight and book-filled spaces of Burke’s served perfectly as a location for a discreet meeting place for our gangsters who don’t want to run into any of their associates from the street.

The Gallery Set

The Cosmic Closet is a fun and funky store specializing in home décor, selling everything glassware and vases to sofas and beds. The wonderfully unique items throughout the store allowed us to use it as a location for both an art gallery and a high-end shop.

The Headshop Parking Lot Set

Five in One is a one of a kind art space, whose stated mission is to seek and expand the understanding and appreciation of art by engaging the public in the collaborative and creative processes involved with making it. Its contributions to the Memphis art community cannot be over-emphasized. The studio and workspace of one of the Heads of our Art Department, VINI’s large parking lot gave us the right look for the exterior of our Headshop.

The Restaurant Set

Sekisui is one of our favorite Japanese restaurants in Memphis. The Sekisui Humphrey’s Center location has a fantastic red wall and sculptural fountain, creating a visual stunning background for our restaurant scene.

The Bar Sets

For our bar scenes, we chose two Memphis bars, Murphy’s and Kudzus, that are popular among the locals.

Glassroots (The Headshop) Set

Glassroots, our headshop, was built entirely by our Art Department in a sound stage. All of the art and merchandise in the headshop, from the graffiti to the t-shirts and stuffed animals were created by our Art Department with the help of other local artists.

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