Marcus Santi is Caleb the Devil

Marcus Santi since finishing season one of Headshop, has been involved in several independent film projects in Memphis. As a professional trainer, Marcus understands the hard work and continual practice that is required to improve one’s craft as an actor.

April Hunsucker is Hallie as Death

April Hunsucker is currently finishing up her degree in Fashion Merchandising and Costume Design at the University of Memphis. There she has worked on shows including The Phantom Of The Opera and Arabian Nights, as well as others. April has been involved in the acting and fashion industry for twelve years and is currently designing her own clothing line for women.

Jessica Morgan is Sarah the Star

Jessica Morgan is a modern day jack-of-all trades. She is exceptionally good at playing UNO, bocce, and blogging, but above all she loves acting. A recent film and production graduate from the University of Memphis, Jessica knows no boundaries.

Shannon Walton is Rachael the Magician

Shannon Walton was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. She is currently an acting major at Southeast Missouri State University. Although Headshop is her first major production, she has been working in the industry for four years and has been involved in numerous stage productions.

Mary Claire Smythe is Goose the Tower

Mary Claire Smythe is a writer/performer living and sometimes working in Memphis, Tennessee. When not working on set, she is writing and performing stand up comedy around the tri-state area. She has studied with Second City and The Groundlings in Los Angeles, in addition to drama school.

Patrick Prentiss is Duck as Justice

Patrick Prentiss is an actor with over ten years experience and has appeared in fifteen independent films as well as television including The Bold and the Beautiful. Although better known for his dramatic acting, Patrick has also taken on comedic roles. When not on a project, he works with athletes in strength and conditioning. Patrick has lived, worked and studied acting in Los Angeles for several years.

Shaun Green is Will the Emperor

Shaun Green is a native Memphian with twelve years experience in television, film and theatre. Over the past two years he has been featured in numerous independent films. With his love of telling stories and grabbing people’s attention, acting was a natural fit.

Dennis Phillippi is Ernie the Hanged Man

Dennis Phillippi has appeared in a number of feature films, including Craig Brewer’s Poor & Hungry as well as a cameo in Hustle & Flow. Most of his career has been spent doing stand-up comedy and talk radio. Dennis was raised in a vagabond, circus family, and he can still walk a tightrope while juggling chairs if called upon to do so.

Allison Sommers Kelly is Natalie the Sun

Allison Sommers Kelly has a primary goal of learning the ropes of stand-up comedy. Her comedy consists of deranged karaoke and self-deprecating humor. She also has been working on a book of short stories about her insane life called Mental Notes.



Giri Swamy


Giri was born in Philadelphia, PA to classically uptight Indian parents. He went to medical school and specialized in Hospice and Palliative Medicine. He was led to television by his love of stories.

Melissa Azzi


With an undergraduate degree in Anthropology from the University of Chicago, Melissa has spent her professional career as an art dealer specializing in 20th Century American Art. After working for several prestigious galleries, Melissa started her own business as a private art dealer catering to high-end clients and museums. Looking for a career change, she joined Shock Collar Studio as a producer.

John Paul Clark

Director of Photography

John Paul Clark is a passionate artist, spirited collaborator and dedicated craftsman. Comfortable working in any format or genre, John Paul’s experience spans commercials, music videos, shorts and feature films. His work has been theatrically released as well as aired on national television.

Brian Elkins


Brian was born in Virginia and attended Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL. He lives in Memphis with his wife, Lindsay, and his two sons, Henry and George.

C. Michael Andrews

Art Department Head

C. Michael Andrews is a visual artist living and working in Memphis, Tennessee. In addition to working on set, he contributes to the process of film making through vendor work as a graphic designer, screen printer, prop builder and sign maker. With Alice Laskey-Castle, he has co-owned and operated a visual art venue in Memphis known as VINI or Five in One since 2008.