Headshop is a drama set in present day Memphis. The story revolves around nine principal characters whose lives are intertwined through the local headshop and its owner Will.


The headshop distributes a new, synthetic drug, “Charge.” Legally sold as bath salts, Charge‚Äôs popularity is growing fast. Will has an opportunity to make it big as a producer and distributor. However, his business is cutting into the local, illegal drug trade. At the same time, the Memphis law enforcement community, lead by an ambitious, rookie detective, is beginning to take notice. Will finds himself caught in between two potential threats.

While Will attempts to organize his business to meet his growing ambitions, he is troubled by the erratic behavior of the people surrounding him, particularly his long-time friend and business associate Caleb.

All of the principal characters are reaching transition points in their lives, and each has ways of tuning out his or her realities. However, as the pressures of their daily lives become untenable, each is forced to confront the choices they have made and make decisions about their futures.