As the Emperor, Will must defend and protect what is his as well as rid himself of all those who make him vulnerable.


As Justice, Duck comes to terms with the idea that one’s life is shaped by one’s choices, that there is a balance between the quality of one’s actions and the quality of one’s life.


As the Devil, Caleb is preoccupied with baser matters such as his ego, women, and partying. He is on a dark path.


As the Tower, Goose has created a world for herself that protects her from the real world. However, the higher the tower gets, the more likely it is to fall and destroy the fantasy.


As Death, Hallie is bringing one phase of her life to a complete end allowing her to begin anew.


As the Hanged Man, Ernie is helpless in his situation, both at home and at work. At this point in his life, he accepts the events that happen to him, good or bad, almost without distinguishing between them.


As the Magician, Rachael is so adept at seeing connections and knowing how events will transpire, as to almost appear to be able to shift the events themselves to fit her predictions.


As the Star, Sarah has hope for a new and better life as she navigates the waters into adulthood.


As the Sun, Natalie is the maternal figure and emotional touchstone for those around her. Furthermore, as her father approaches death, her son grows, and Will’s success rises, she is also is at the center of the cycles of life.